quality assurance

Quality Control

Our quality control department is staffed with highly qualified and experienced Metallurgists and Chemists which has three distinct wings:

  1. Process control and
  2. products inspection
  3. Testing and Certification
  4. Customer Liaison.

The department is equipped with:

  • Two Computerized Universal Testing Machine 200 M.T. (2000 KN) & 100 MT (1000 KN)
  • Spectrometer for instant analysis of 22 elements in steel.
  • Microscope with photographic attachments.
  • Impact Testing Machine to test ambient and sub-zc temperature.
  • Ultra-sonic for non-destructive testing of plates.
  • Digital thickness meter to check the thickness of Rebar.
  • A laboratory with all modern equipments and chemicals to carry out chemical tests.
  • Bending Machine (capable to bend at 180° angle)

SS Steel Ltd. consists of four units

SS Steel Ltd. has four units to ensure product quality.

Spectrometric Laboratory Unit

It has the latest version of Spectrometer for instant analysis of 22 elements in steel.

Chemical Laboratory Unit

This laboratory is equipped with machineries & equipment to provide chemical analysis facilities.

Mechanical Testing Unit

The mechanical properties: strength & ductility are measured by the Universal Testing Machine (UTM).

Metallographic Laboratory Unit

A metallurgical microscope has been set up in this unit to ensure right metallographic properties of products.

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Tests for Quality Assurance

All data from the testing and inspection are fed back to the production unit and stored by the quality control department for improvement of quality. The customer liaison wing (marketing and sales division) takes care of every complaint from any customer. Our quality control team continuously checks the production process at each and every stage under the guidance of Metallurgical Engineers. Tests are also done in BUET, DUET and HBRI and testing reports are provided to Customers, on request.

Tensile Test

We perform Tensile Test to determine the properties like Young's modulus, ultimate strength and the percentage elongation.

Compression Test

We perform a Compression Test to determine important mechanical properties such as the yield strength, the yield point, Young’s Modulus, the stress-strain curve.

Transverse Test

We perform a Transverse Test to measure transverse tensile strength, yield strength, proof stress, elongation and reduction of area.

Brinell Test

We perform Brinell Test to test the force of a hard steel ball for the calculated curved area of the indentation formed to determine the hardness.

Bend Test

We perform Bend Test to determine the ductility or resistance to fracture of our steel bars

Re-bend Test

After Bend test, we keep the steel in 100 degree C hot water for 30 minutes and bend again to determine resistance to fracture

Analysis of chemical composition

We perform chemical composition analysis for a wide variety of purposes and it helps us to control overall quality.

Certification & Recognization

We are certified and recognized by these national and international Standard Organizations.